Willie Mays: The Greatest Baseball Player

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The Greatest Baseball Players
Baseball is a game that has been played professionally for about 150 years and throughout all these years, thousands of players have taken the field, and billions of dollars have been shelled out to pay these players. Fans have spent even more money just to see these players play in person. Out of all the players to ever play the game only a select few are considered to be the best of all time. The best players in the history of baseball all share certain qualities. The best players have the ability to come through for their team when they are needed the most. The greats have set records and won numerous awards throughout their career, and are very well rounded individuals. For example, great players would
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Willie Mays was not only considered one of the best batters of his time, but he was also considered one of the best fielders as well. He won four batting champion awards and led the Major League in home runs five times in his career. However, Mays was also one of the best outfielders anyone had ever seen during his time and collected a stunning twelve Gold Glove Awards throughout his career. During Mays’ career he continued to entertain fans through his crazy acrobatic catches in center field. Perhaps the best catch he has ever made, and maybe even the best catch in baseball history, is when he caught a fly ball while running toward the warning track with his back turned to it. Another great well rounded player in baseball’s history is Rickey Henderson, a left fielder for the Oakland Athletics. Henderson is known for being an unstoppable force on the basepaths and set both the record for number of stolen bases in a career, with 1,406, and number of steals in a season with 130. Not only did he impress fans with his talent for stealing bases, but Henderson won two Gold Glove Awards for his outstanding play in left field, and even managed to keep a career batting average of .280. Somehow Henderson was able to steal 130 bases in one season, this is so…show more content…
They all share certain aspects of their game in common and because all of them went into the baseball’s history as the best. Some of the players have broken records that have remained unbroken for decades and seem like there are many years to come before it will be surpassed, players have also won countless awards and went to multiple All Star games in their career. The best players were able to lead their teams to victory when no one else was able to. They also played every part of the game with everything they had and played almost perfectly. However, beside from all this they have also left behind their legacy, which has inspired young baseball players all over the world. Young baseball players play the game with these players on their mind and try to mimic their every move, whether it be coming up to bat while thinking about David Ortiz hitting a homerun to win the game, or getting in their ready position in the outfield while thinking about Willie May’s miraculous catch. It is these players who have inspired kids to try their best both in practice and in games, and drives those same kids to get better with every swing of the bat and to keep their head up no matter how difficult the game can get. These athletes will never be forgotten, and will continue for many years to come to serve as an inspiration and a role model for young baseball players
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