Parent Relative Interview Essay

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Parent/Relative Interview Mother #1. What was the greatest moment growing up? My greatest moment growing up was when I got the Christmas present that I wanted from Santa when I was 7. At first, my mother asked me what present what I wanted, and I answered “A big teddy bear.” When I went to the church on Christmas, there was a big teddy bear that I had wanted for a long time. Until I became a middle school student, my mom and Santa “kept in touch” with each other so they could give me some presents that I wanted every year. #2. What was your worst moment growing up? When I was 10, I told my dad that I was going to hang out with my friends. He misunderstood and thought I was threatening to run away. My dad became irate at me, even though he was usually calm and nice. This was the very first time I got punished by my dad. I had to…show more content…
How would you describe your childhood? My father was in the military and my family had to move a lot, which means that I had to move to different schools several times. It was very hard for me to move to new schools and become friends with new pupils. After middle school, when I finally came to settle in Seoul, I had more friends than I previously had and was able to have a better school life. #4. What was your greatest ambition while growing up? While growing up, my greatest ambition was to earn enough money to travel to Europe. Before I was 20, I had never had an airplane trip. I wanted to fly away from my home country even though I did not know other languages, because I wanted to experience different cultures. #5. What hopes and dreams do you have for your children? My hopes and dreams for my children change frequently. Last year, I wanted my daughter to become a dentist, but this year, I want her to become a teacher. Probably, I would want my daughter to become an engineer. I would not care much about her job as long as it is something she wanted to do. #6. What dream did you have that you wanted to achieve? Did you accomplish
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