Greatness In San Tan Foothills Essay

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Greatness in San Tan Foothills High School There’s always something that makes a place either great, or not so great. This usually depends on the atmosphere of those places. Is it welcoming, like a good restaurant, or is it put offish, like the dump? Another way a place can be considered exceptional, is the attitude of the workers. Do they seem like they want to be there? Or do they act like where they're at, is the worst place in the world? San Tan Foothills could be considered admirable and positive. I think this because of the atmosphere of the school. The teachers want to be here, they want to make sure that the next generation of this world, is smart, problem solving, and well informed. Along with great teachers and staff, the principal, Dr. Richards, gives a very positive vibe to this school. He makes us feel as if we can do anything and be anything through his speeches. When someone is encouraged and inspired, it makes one feel as if they can get through their tough times and come through with wonderful results. Not only is the atmosphere positive and uplifting,…show more content…
This is another great attribute to San Tan Foothills. Your teachers, not only teach you and help you learn the subjects needed to get to college and to get a fantastic job, they seem like your friends. We can joke around and also have respect at the same time. These teachers have so much care and love for their students. It makes San Tan Foothills a fun and easy going school to go to. If I ever need someone to talk to, I know that my teachers are there for me and will listen and care about what I have to say. Teachers are really what make this school what it is. Take them away and put in people who don’t care and see what happens. Not only are my teachers there for me, I’m here for them. Students who care about their teachers is another reason we are who we are. San Tan Foothills is a great place because of the care that students and teachers have for each
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