Greatness In The Great Gatsby

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Opinions on characters vary person to person, the simplest gesture could make a character unlikeable. The biggest part in arguing about a character’s greatness or lack of greatness is going into depth about why they are great or unlikeable. The roaring 20’s was a time period filled with flappers, bootleggers, soldiers, and the newly rich. This time was filled with vibrant color and the rhythmic music of jazz. What problems could possibly be in this time that is so fondly remembered? Like most time periods there were problems that were hidden under the surface of perfection and happiness, though the war has ended there will always be a turmoil on the domestic side dealing with simple events of everyone’s everyday lives. The tragedy The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald unravels the ugly truth of the 1920’s while perfectly capturing the soul of the Jazz Age. The aforementioned truth being how love, and the American dream can destroy truly amazing people. Jay Gatsby or also known as the Great Gatsby is an amazing person, who is in the wrong business. Jay was a poor man with not a penny to his name who wanted to better himself, but without any form of education worthy of a job and without connections he can not move out of his financial predicament alone. This may sound like a excuse, but it’s true even in the 1920’s it was still hard to move up the corporate ladder without a few shady incidents. “Gatsby conforms to an ideal of himself that transforms reality into
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