How Are Olympians Treated Women Essay

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How the Olympians Treated Women
We must give credit to how we live our lives to some of the stories of Grecian gods. Of the many stories we don’t look much at how women or men were treated. When you do you also just let yourself look around and see how Olympians and humans treated each other. Many stories have stories within them. These stories connect over many events and many histories of many nations.
This paper’s main topic is how women were treated. They didn’t exactly have the same kind of rights we do. The female Olympians were mostly allowed into have a say in matters of the worlds, but let’s be honest not to the extent that the men did. For example when the main 3 parts of the world (the Sky, the Sea, and the Underworld) were divided they were only divided between the men. Yes when they divided the sun and moon Artemis got the moon, but Apollo got the sun. If we want to get into all of that then Apollo and Artemis were born with the power to control the sun and moon, but if we take that into
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The Olympians don’t think of the women the same as themselves such as how Zeus treats Hera, or Artemis treats her followers or how Apollo and Artemis treated Niobe. However the Olympians are only half the story now we have to look at the humans. The humans didn’t treat women well either. Calisto dishonored Artemis, Arachne was rude to Athena, and Danaë. The thing is women were not treated exactly perfectly by the Olympians or Humans.
The men seemed to have been treated better because some of the bad things were for a good reason such as punishing unfaithful husbands, but how Hera treated Hephaestus was awful. Even when Perseus was treated awfully by the king Quicksilver came and helped turn Perseus into a hero of his time. The men were treated more like heroes and important people than the women of the time. They had more of an in charge part of life rather than equality is
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