Greco-Roman Religion

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What is more, the Law is being replaced by love; the theocracy of the Jews makes place for family; God who was once king becomes the Father; the slave of sin become heirs of the kingdom and the fatherhood of God is no more limited to Israel only, but extended to all humankind. This contention between Judaism and Christianity within the Greco-Roman society appeals one to dig more into the culture of such society in the first century.
The Greco-Roman society of the first century was a hierarchical and class-conscious society in the sense that not everybody enjoyed the same privilege. However, the stratification of this society did not cancel the possibility of some citizens to move from one class to another, especially when class appurtenance
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Though much of slavery was marked by harshness and brutality, it remains certain that most of the slaves were treated differently from the African slaves in the sense that, although they were not allowed to change employer, they were paid a reasonable wage. Evidently, these slaves were for the most part prisoners of war, bought in the market, become slaves after being sentenced for crimes or to pay off debts. It should also be noted that slaves could be anything from doctors, professors, administrators to civil servants.
Without question, the first century Greco-Roman society stood as a polytheistic society since devotees believed that all natural phenomena are influenced by the gods. This is from the perspective of influential phenomena that the Greeks developed their myths depicting the behavior, strength, weakness and origin of every single god. The admiration of the Romans for the Greek culture stands as the main reason why they adopted and renamed the Greek deities, though they sometimes write their own stories to expose their conception of such
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