Greed Blinded Scrooge

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Secondly, Scrooge left his beloved sweetheart because greed blinded him for the woman that he was compassionate about. When the first spirit visited Scrooge it took Scrooge to the day where he left his sweetheart. When his sweetheart said, “Can you love me, Ebenezer? I bring no dowry to my marriage only me, only love”, and released him from her love. Scrooge left her and he did not attempt to reconcile their relationship. Greed blinded Scrooge because, it replaced not only his compassion but also the most important part of his life; his beloved sweetheart it caused him to only care about the money or dowry which caused him to leave her. This event also proves that the theme is that greed causes us to lose our humanity and our compassions.
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