Greed Depicted In 'The Monkey's Paw'

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Do you let greed control you and make decisions that you regret later? In the story "The Monkey's Paw” The family is happy with what they have but when the opportunity arises to have more than they could wish for, will they regret the decisions they have made? In the story we read about a mother and father who have a son and are very happy. They are then greeted by an expected visitor. The visitor is a old friend who was a general in the military and has just come back from India. The man brings a paw that is supposed to be cursed but has a gift where it will give three wishes, the family is warned but ignores the advice and the family takes advantage of it. As a consequence for their actions, their son dies and are they very devastated. In the story “The Monkey’s Paw” The father learns that greed can control you and courage makes you act on behalf of others.

The theme of greed controlling people first appears when the old family friend appears with a magical items that can grant you three wishes. The father takes the monkey's paw and makes his first wish to receive 200 pounds. In the text it says, "If you could pay off the mortgage you would be quite happy, wouldn't you?" stated his wife. The father is perfectly happy but then
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W. Jacob’s the father learns you cannot let greed control you and to act on behalf of others best interests instead of yourselves. First the father was introduced to a paw that had magical powers and makes a wish to get 200 pounds. The father then receives 200 pounds at the cost of a son dying and he soon learns that him being greedy, is why his son died. When he hears knocking at the door after making a wish for his son to be alive again, he does an act of selflessness and makes a last wish for his son to rest in peace. Now as you go about your day I want you to remember to be happy with what you have and to do simple acts of kindness for other people because we cannot let greed control
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