Greed Depicted In 'The Pardoner's Tale'

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Ambition’s Darkness
“Those who want to be rich, however, fall into temptation and become ensnared by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.” (Timothy 6:9) The main problem in our society is greed, because it causes people to turn bad by becoming thieves, murder, and leads people to poverty. Being out in this world today, greed is a problem all over the world and takes form into our human nature. The top two organizations, government and drug trafficking, in the world able to control many people by greed. When these two collide both form a dangerous and a big threat to society to climb to the top. This is where corruption takes place affecting our world turning it upside down. The government has a huge amount of
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One example is drugs, many people especially teens in today’s society consider drug dealing a business. Most of the time there’s a bad income, and may lead some people to commit murder, or the “customer” for these drug dealers will end up stealing from others to find some type of income to buy their “needs”, when it’s really just to fulfill their addictions. In ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’, “I preach nothing except for gain.”, he demonstrates how possessive he is when it comes to money and also that he’s a hypocrite. The Pardoner takes advantage of the people due to their lack of education and selfishly takes their money, and it’s shown through the tale he tells. He quotes, “Avarice is the most of all evil.”, this means that extreme greed for wealth or material gain is profoundly immoral. The Pardoner has is shown in the world everyday by the motives of wanting money and the actions people take to get it. Greediness plays a big role in everyday life and has no limits whatsoever. Specifically in the drug business, people are drawn into it very easy just to get money easier without thinking the dangers their lives are exposed
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