A Christmas Carol Greed Essay

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In unison with A Christmas Carol and A Diva’s Christmas Carol, the theme of greed presents itself in many political cartoons. It is very common nowadays to use political cartoons in order to poke fun at real problems happening in the world. In a specific cartoon by John Cole, lies Ebenezer Scrooge holding a newspaper titled “Senate Gop Oks Huge Tax Cut.” Following this text, it reads “Trillion-Dollar Debt To Benefit The Rich - Social Services Face ‘Reform’.” Not to mention, when we analyze Scrooge’s character, we see him flashing a smile and exclaiming “Now that’s how a ‘Humbug’ is done.” From this sight, it is evident that covetousness still exists in our society. The first example of greed we can recognize is Scrooge’s reaction to the newspaper. Ebenezer Scrooge shows no compassion despite how tragic this is for those who are surrounded by poverty. As a rich man, the issue in the paper does not affect him negatively. Instead of feeling bad about what is happening to the penniless, It warms his heart that he will soon be more prosperous. This is the true embodiment of greed. The second show of avidity in this cartoon beholds itself in the newspaper. The newspaper informs you that money will be held back from the poor while the rich reap the benefits. From any normal perspective, it is clear that this is highly unethical. On the other hand, from the perspective of one consumed by greed, it can be seen as a celebration. The act of purposely embedding the impoverished in a position of further …show more content…

A timeless theme is a one that will always apply to human nature no matter the time period. Greed is a timeless theme that we see in everyday life all across the world. When tempted by the power of money, people will destroy themselves to get it. Greed thrives in a society like ours today as it is filled with those fixated on gaining money. In the rise of the digital age, covetousness often prevails any other

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