Greed In A Contract With God

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The work of Will Eisner’s A Contract with God, though created in a time of different ideas and lifestyle, are still applicable to modern society. In A Contract with God the concepts of religious struggle, Greed, and prejudgment, show off various faults within the Human Nature. These notions are expressed through not only the text but the accompanying visuals which create an atmosphere not seen before in its time. Being the first graphic novel while being able to stand the test of time definitely give the right for the highest prestige for comics to be named the ‘Eisner Award.’ Greed and prejudgment are concepts that can be seen all the stories throughout A Contract with God. Since greed and prejudgment is a part of human nature, it allows the work to be contrasted and relevant as long as humans are alive. Greed and prejudgment can be seen in the short story “The Super” within A Contract with God which follows the story of the…show more content…
Eisner in A Contract with God continues his work of timeless messages by telling the story of a man struggling with his faith. A Contract with God is a short story follows Frimme Hersh, a man who made a contract with god, and lost his faith due to the death of his daughter. The death of his daughter led Hersh to mourn for many days wondering how God could do this to him as he has always abided by the contract they made. However Hersh finally had enough and said “If God requires that men honor their agreements…then is not God, also, so obligated??” Soon after, Hersh through his contract into an alley. Hersh has threw away his contract and therefore gave up on his relationship with god. This loss of faith is applicable today because a lot of people become hesitant of their faith when tragic things happen to them. As long as religion exists there will always be strife attached to it whether it is inside the individual or between

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