Greed In Macbeth Research Paper

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Greed In Macbeth

In william shakespeare's play, Macbeth, one of the themes is greed. Especially the strong desire for money, possessions, or what power can do to a person. After the witches predict that Macbeth will be king of Scotland.Macbeth is willing to do anything, including murder someone or something for the prediction to become true. And lady Macbeth plays an important role helping her husband, Macbeth, reach his goal in becoming king. In which, she also becomes overcome by greed.

Greedy is an intense and selfish desire for something especially for wealth or power as I said before.Greed can turn the best people into the worst Macbeth was a noble scotsman who fought to protect his country.Then Macbeth finds the idea of assuming the throne questionable. He does not even believe that it would be possible to be the thane of Cawdor against traitor and Norwegian.Macbeth was loyal and had respect for the king.The prophecies of the witches was “All hail,Macbeth,that shalt
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People kill, commit crimes, or harm others just to gain something.Greed in society has caused a lot of demolition to the world.Wars have been happening for stuff such as gaining land or power in which have only resulted in the killing of millions of people and destruction.People choose fame or some type of material over anything and they will do anything to achieve it. Destruction has continued in the world due to greed.

Macbeth doesn't care about anyone else but himself.Macbeth had killed the king Duncan without any hesitations.Yet lady macbeth was the one that encouraged him to kill the king in the first place.Lady Macbeth is almost as greedy and power hungry as Macbeth.Being selfish will not get you far in life. You get what you put out and what you make of it.No one is perfect, we all have greed or selfish inside of us but we can’t change the way we are raised.It all depends on
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