Greed In 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

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For one to sell their soul to the devil it takes willingness in return for a great desire. This archetypal theme is still used today and seen in so many literary work. However, in order to accomplish what the devil has to offer like fame, fortune, power or beauty, at the end the individual will end up getting hurt or losing everything they worked for in the devil's name. In the short story, “The Devil and Tom Walker” Tom Walker was faced to give his soul to the devil , just like Queen Ravenna in the movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

First, in the story, “The Devil and Tom Walker”, Tom was full of greed and that is what motivated him to sell his soul to the devil. When the devil came upon him, he was proposed to exchange his soul in return for wealth. Tom first refused this offer because he did not want to share anything with his termagant wife. This can be seen when the author states, “However Tom might have felt
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Queen Raveena was told by her mother that the only thing powerful thing she has was her beauty and that's the only thing that will save her in life. Due to the fact that her mother pushed her upon the devil's hands, Queen Ravenna lived in jealousy and that's what lead her to work upon the devil. She was told by her mother that if she drank the spell, she will have eternity beauty and power so she drank it. And when Queen Ravenna found out that Snow White was the only one so pure that could destroy her, Queen Ravenna wanted her dead. This exposes how jealous Queen Ravenna was towards Snow White because of her purity and power that could destroy all she worked for. And even after, Queen Ravenna killed Snow White's father in order to take over his kingdom, she is willing to kill Snow White, who is so innocent. Which proves how strong her obsession was within her jealousy to have eternal beauty and
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