Greed In The Counselor

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The Counselor represents the American elite’s perception of itself. Despite having everything they could ever want or need in this world, they want more. Similar to how the Counselor’s greed leads to his demise, this obsession of wanting more will lead to irreversible ecological damage and consequences that scientists currently can’t even fully project. The entire movie satirizes and is emblematic of the way competing business and policy interests and an obsession with reclaiming American exceptionalism creates a status quo that is leading us towards destruction but is not in the interests of the powerful and wealthy to change. Currently the world is being negligent. Due to the actions of a powerful and greedy elite, humans have become their own geological force, hence the idea that we have entered the anthropocene. Even though the consequences of greedy and negligent actions have become more and more explicit and undeniable over the years it is not in the interest of the greedy to help…show more content…
Every character in The Counselor only cared about bettering their own situation and they never thought about how their actions will affect the future or the end product. Right now we are approaching the same end product that the Counselor had to go through but we, luckily, still have time to stop it. If we as a country stopped acting like we don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else and people accepted that they’re the cause of the current ecological situation and it’s up to them to do something about it we can stop ourselves from reaching the 2 degree Celcius threshold and maybe then find a way to reverse the damage done. We don’t have to be like the Counselor, we don’t have to loss Laura, we can clear our eyes of the greed and our elite perception of ourselves and see what’s truly going on and what we have
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