Greed In The Music Industry

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Music nowadays is manufactured, over marketed, auto tuned garbage. It seems as though everything is becoming safe and easily digestible- almost like baby food. Now you may say that not all music is bad and yes, that is true. With that being said, there are plenty of really good underground bands out there, but my focus is on the mainstream junk that violates my ears every waking minute of the day, whether it’s on the TV or on the Radio. The music industry today requires no talent whatsoever and songs are just pumped out usually becoming over played and annoying.
The music corporations have become so corrupt with power and money that they don’t even care if the public likes their music or not. There is so much money behind music that it MUST succeed for it to make a profit. In order for music to succeed corporations invest in an artist’s song and peddling it out until it plays on repeat in your head. They do this because it has been proven that repeated exposure to a song
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Singers are auto tuned and their music is just bland. Music now is passionless and it seems that it’s only use is for money. That not was music should be for. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against artist earning money from their jobs, but money shouldn’t be the main focus. What happened to artist actually caring about the quality music they put out? Half the time the performers don’t even write their own music. It’s just some producer that gets payed to write their music for them, and it’s still not even good. There is no talent required in order to become popular, in fact you don’t even need to know how to play an instrument. Most mainstream songs have no instruments played in them at all. It’s all just the same 5 computerized notes played over and over. There’s no longer any creativity in music. Everything is just overly simplistic and boring. Music isn’t really an art anymore. It has become a product. Music is being mass produced in
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