One Piece At A Time Analysis

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In his song, “One Piece at a Time”, Johnny Cash sang, “The first year they had me putting wheels on Cadillac’s. Every day I 'd watch them beauties roll by and sometimes I 'd hang my head and cry, because I always wanted me one that was long and black.” In the song, he explains how he plans to steal a Cadillac by taking it piece by piece from the factory he works at. Later in the song, he is caught driving this car and it does not go too well for him. This example may be a bit funny, but there are examples of greed destroying lives. These examples occur in the story “King Midas”, the poem “Avarice”, and the story “The Necklace”. In “King Midas”, a king is given a free wish. He decides to choose the ability to turn anything he touches into gold. At first, he thought that this was awesome. Later, however, he realized he could not eat and when he went to hug his daughter, she turned into solid gold. He had traded everything for gold. Lucky for him, he was given the ability to turn his daughter back into flesh if he gave up his original power. He does take this power and turn his daughter back, and lives happily ever after. That is a nice story in many ways. It teaches…show more content…
There may be a solution, there may not be, or maybe there is no problem to the perpetrator of the greedy acts. But in any case, greed can be immensely destructive. The character played by Johnny Cash in “One Piece at a Time” finally creates his dream car out of all of the parts that he stole, “one piece at a time,” and realizes that twenty one years worth of car parts do not fit well. The result is a strange vehicle with different colors and designs on it everywhere. Some parts do not even fit. He may not have ruined his life like the characters in the other stories, but spending just over two decades creating a car and realizing that is is the ugliest vehicle in the world must be
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