Greed In The Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Greed, a simple but yet powerful motivator. A source of creation and destruction. Greed has propelled millions into self-destruction, has well caused downfall of notable figure and civilisations’ in history. The temptation of wealth and the prestige, power and influence that comes with it is binding. In this analysis, the reflective portion will be focused on what I observed throughout the movie, the underlying meaning behind those observations, and how it affected me. In the conceptual portion, I will be focusing on the theories of motivation and the concept of power and influence, as well has traits of conflict theory and how the theory relates to and provides insight into the experiences of the main characters in the film.…show more content…
Ironically, almost every charter was headstrong and assertive, rather mediate their problems, they preferred to agonize has a ‘Tough Battler’. From Jacks, problems with his previous crew who mutinied against him, due to the need of feeling inferior, oppressed and cheated which was prevalent in the dialogues between Jack and Captain Hector Barbossa; who led the mutiny. To Elizabeth who feigns drunkenness to catch Jack unguarded for her own gain on…show more content…
In layman’s term the very nature and drive of what lead to an accomplishment of a goal or set of goals. In the progress of the film, motivation was well showcased through the greed and self-interest of the various characters. Like Wil’s betrayal of Jack in the process of rescuing Elizabeth, due to is lack of trust for Jack, he back-stabbed him before Jack could have made his. Has the saying goes, all pirates for their booty. The safety of Elizabeth came before all else especially Jacks mind boggling and impromptu plans. This also depicts a form of conflict theory; in relation to differences in values, interests, and
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