Greed In The Silmarils And The One Ring

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In a perfect world, there would be no source of greed, no desire for things that have no true value on their own. However, in Arda, just as in our world, greed will always exist because of a desire for power coupled with outside forces of corruption: notably, Morgoth and Sauron. As a result of the lies of these two characters, the Silmarils and the One Ring became the cause of corruption, betrayal, and death. With the creation of the Silmarils, Elves began to love “too well the work of [their] hands and the devices of [their hearts]” and forgo their loyalty to the Valar. The resulting greed and distrust brought even the greatest of Elves to their deaths. The One Ring had this same effect, what with the wearer’s growing dependence on it, its

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