Gordon Gekko Greed Is Good Quotes

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1. Gordon Gekko is released from prison after serving eight years in prison for insider trading and mail fraud. Gordon Gekko 's daughter Winne is in a relationship with Jacob Moore who is trying to raise money for a Fusion research project. Jacob who is known as Jake in the film is working for a financial institution called Keller Zabel and is the protégé of the managing director, Louis Zabel. Later on we find out that the companies stocks have started to crash and Zabel commits suicide. A few weeks later Jake attend a lecture given by Gordon Gekko about his book "Greed Is Good". After the lecture Jake approaches Gordan Gekko and Jake decide to make a "trade". With help from Gordon Jake discovers that Bretton James profitied from Keller Zabels…show more content…
Gordon Gekko 's opinion on "greed" is that it is unsustainable because Wall Street 's "greedy" practices seek to gain wealth from debt without actually producing anything. 9. The symbolism of the motor bike race between Bretton and Jacob symbolises the race to the top and the extreme lengths people on Wall Street and in businesses all over the world are willing to go to in order to get there. Jacob was willing t knock Bretton off his bike in order to pass the broken tree stump first. This is a clear representation of what people are willing to do to others to benefit themselves to the full extent. 10. No I do not think it is ethical for public money to be used to bail out private intuitions in financial difficulties. The governments money was earned by the citizens of the country and is given to the government to develop the country through infrastructure and sustainability of the country. The tax payers money is not given to the government to fund business that have made incorrect decisions or unethical issues which have led to a financial crisis. The public money should only be used to benefit the public and not private institutions. 11. Leverage Debt is the profitable use of borrowed
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