Greek Allusion Tale: Cupid And Psyche

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William Kong
Greek Allusions Workshop

Story: Cupid & Psyche
Source: Greek
Summary: Psyche is the most beautiful daughter of one noble king and was praised by the people for her supreme looks. Psyche’s beauty frustrated Venus (the goddess of beauty) and she forced her son cupid to shoot an arrow at Psyche to make her fall in love with a horrible monster. Cupid instead shot himself with one of his arrows, so when Psyche saw him, she immediately fell in love with Cupid, and the two lived happily ever after.
Commentary: Cupid & Psyche are similar to many of today’s fairy tales. Psyche was supposed to marry a horrible monster but instead she was locked away in a high tower until her husband Cupid came to rescue her. Many movies relate to the story of the princess locked in a tower waiting for her true love to come and save her. This is a classic fairy tale storyline that originated in Greek mythology and has come to be the plot of stories such as “Shrek” and “Sleeping beauty”. This allusion is based off of it’s focus on true love and love at first sight. Due to true love the old chemistry
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This flood was one of the few flood myths that stretched across the entire world and killed millions. It lasted many long and gruelling years before it ended and a new generation took over the wasted land. The story of Ogyges is closely related to Deucalion’s flood story mainly because this flood was horrifying and it wiped out a majority of the world. However, Deucalion’s flood story had a much better ending mainly because his father Prometheus warned him of it and gave Deucalion a head start. Ogyges had no time to prepare mainly because he was unaware of the flood that was going to hit his land and his people. All in all, the purpose of this story is to show that even if you think that things are all okay, a minor speed bump can hit anytime and you need to be ready no matter
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