Greek And Roman Culture And The Ancient Greco-Roman Language

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The most influential parts of modern day life branch from the ancient Greco-Roman society. Each generation fabricates new words and new methods of communication; however, the most influential epoch, the ancient Greco-Roman epoch, has contributed the most to modern society. Throughout my experiences in both Greek and Roman language I have come to understand how prevalent the past cultures are in present day civilizations. A common language provides the building block for all communication between individuals. In modern times any two individuals fluent in different romance languages can converse between themselves on a purely rudimentary level. Additionally, any English or language major should study Latin and Greek due the incredible amount derivation amongst terms. Words such as pecuniary, mountain, angel, and more than anyone could mention derive themselves from Greek and Latin. Furthermore, most of the new words scientists form today stem or come directly from Latin. Bilingual people have different personalities which depend on several factors, including the people you converse with each language; if a person only speaks French for conducting business and only speaks Russian at home, he will condition himself to always portray a calm and composed form when he speaks French. Because of the incredible presence of these two ancient languages, they have shown me that they have nurtured much of the world’s culture. Every government learns from mistakes, or dies from them;

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