Greek And Roman Government's Influence On Modern Civilization

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The Greeks and Romans seem to be extremely influential on our modern civilization. Many Greek and Roman traditions and cultures play major roles in our civilization. These traditions and cultures are displayed throughout our government, education, art, architect, cultural activities, and many other things. I assert the most influential ideas the Greeks and Romans had are displayed in our government, art, and architecture. Their ideas have inspired over 25 centuries, growing and changing over time, and still remain in our modern civilization. The government plays a major role in any civilization. The Greeks had several different types of government: Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, and Democracy. The Democratic Government is the type of government, which mainly influenced our modern civilization. Democratic Government simply means the citizens have the power, which is the type of government here in the United States of America.…show more content…
The General Assembly and Senate established a sense of importance in Rome. The General Assembly was made up of Plebeians, and the Senate consists of Patricians. The terms General Assembly and Senate are two of many terms still used in the US Government today. The Romans were led by a king who was approved by the senate and a vote of the people, which is also displayed in the US Government. This is displayed in our presidential elections. Romans believed in equal voting, and equal access to the government for all, which is also shown in our Democratic Government. Another way Greeks and Romans still influence out modern civilization is through art. Greek art strongly influenced Rome’s art. Greek art continues to play a key role in Literature and Art classes in our modern civilization. Greeks has highly developed literacy, which included drama, poetry, and music. Greek Literature such as Homer’s The Iliad, and The Odyssey are still studied today in high school and
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