Greek And Roman Timeline: The Ancient Greek Empire

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Greek and Roman Timeline This timeline shows how the ancient Greek Empire fell to the Roman Empire. The Greeks fight the Persians in the Greek/Persian Wars and win in 490 BC. The temple of Athena is completed in Athens in 432 BC. The Peloponnesian Wars begin in 431 BC., and in 404 BC. the Peloponnesian Wars ended. In 342 BC. Aristotle, who was a philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, begins to tutor Alexander, soon to be Alexander the Great. In the year 336 BC. Alexander the Great becomes king, and three years later the he defeats the Persians. Alexander conquers Egypt, and establishes the city of Alexandria in 332 BC. In 323 BC. Alexander the Great dies and and the civilization begins to lose power. (Technological Solutions, Inc., 2015)
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