Intercultural Communication Culture

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The cultural and historical heritage of Greece continues to oscillate throughout the modern western world in all the areas like literature, philosophy, art and politics. The independence of Greece was achieved from the Ottoman Empire in 1830. In the second half of the 19th Century and the first half of the 20th Century, the process for the addition of neighboring territories and islands was started. They were mostly merged with Greek-speaking populations. During World War II, first Italy invaded Greece in 1940 and afterwards it was occupied by Germany during the period of 1941-1944. The civil war took place between anti- communist/communist rebels and supporters of the king. Then, Greece joined NATO in 1952 following the defeat that took place…show more content…
As per the definition of Edward T. Hall (1976), founding father of intercultural communication studies, a framework is designed for the culture based communication styles. Explanation about the decoding of the messages done by the different peoples based on the cultural expectations. It means the culture in which behavior of the individual is justified on the basis of social roles and expectations. Their way of speaking is like motivating or inspiring the other people. In such cultures, impact on another person is made on the basis of emotional aspect as speaking is the real art. It is also based on the expectations of the listeners that what actually they want to listen. Both listening and speaking are considered to be a source of enjoyment. Turn of speaking is a complete and finished deliverance.(Robinson & Venieris, 2009)
Business Customs
With the hope of expanding their business into the Greek market, it is necessary to follow their business customs. When the people go for attending meetings with their colleagues, it is essential that they should be properly dressed up according to the Greek Business Etiquettes. The people demonstrate that they are trustworthy and loyal partners as Greeks places very high value and bonds of friendship.
• Greetings: Greece is the most ancient and well educated society, that's why great respect is provided to the elderly people and those having such titles. It is necessary to show respect to the people
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Therefore, we need to keep patience which has the answers of all questions.
2. "Ακαμάτης νέος, γέρος διακονιάρης"
It means Lazy youth, begging old age. This proverb is used in the context of Laziness, if reflected by any person.
3. "Άλλα λέει η γιαγιά μου, άλλα ακούνε τα αυτιά μου"
This proverb means- My grandfather says something, my ears hear something else. The real meaning of this proverb is deeper. It means that young generation does not listen to the old people.
4. "Αμαρτία 'ξομολογημένη, η μισή συγχωρεμένη"
It means that-A confessed sin is half a sin. This illustrates that if a sin is confessed than it is half forgiven.
5. "Βοήθα με να σε βοηθώ ν' ανεβούμε το βουνό"
The proverb is- Help me, so that I can help you, so that we can climb the mountain. It means that there is spirit of cooperation among all the peoples.(Geocities, 2015)
Famous Building
The Acropolis is the most famous building of Greece. It is not only a single building but it includes a lot of temples on hill overlooking Athens. It is an ancient citadel which is located on high rocky outcrop. It considers the several ancient buildings of architectural which has a great historical significance.

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