Greek Drama Tragedy

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Greek Tragedy

The origin of Greek Drama tragedy was the start of lyrical poems and great epics. Drama tragedy began approximately 532 B.C.E in Athens, where this art form was performed not only for personal pleasure, it was also to worship and honor Dionysos, the Greek god of wine and theater.
Most of the tragedy plays would be displayed in an open-air theater called a theatron. Most tragedies that were performed were inspired by their Greek mythology; therefore, very early tragedies would have a single actor dressed as a Greek god. Actors in Greece would not be cast to a female, even though that most of the major roles in Greek tragedy were females; instead, men would fill in these roles. Drama tragedy has become an important and an influential form of drama in Ancient Greece as well as inspire different genres of dramas later on.
The plays that were created were mostly for religious purposes,
Most of the early Greek plays that were written by playwriters which consist of many myths, epics, and historical events, yet many of them did not survive. These playwriters have influenced and expanded Greek tragedy and theater, where people have enjoyed and still holds religious meaning them. All of the famous playwriters have won a contest during the festival of Dionysus and have created at least a hundred
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Aeschylus was the first well-known, successful tragedian in Greece. He also won his first competition at Great Dionysia in 484 B.C.E. Aeschylus is also well-known because of what he had incorporated into the growth of Greek Tragedy. He would often have a theme for the plays that he wrote and he would also include sequels that went along with them. He even added a second actor as well as more dialogue and more drama from age-old stories so that his audience could be familiar with his plays. He also improved the costume attires that were worn by the actor and added masks to Greek
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