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What Makes Fantasy Stories, Fantasy
Almost everyone knows what Greek mythology is. If a stranger approached someone on the street and asked if Greek mythology are fantasy stories, almost every single person would say that they are. Greek mythology was one of the first fantasy stories in the world. Fantasy has been around forever, there is no specific place it has started. Even though they have been around forever, most people can not tell what the definition of fantasy is. From Greek mythology to modern fantasy, they all have different criteria to separate them from other genres, such as science fiction. But there is a lot of people who could not tell someone what the definition of modern fantasy is. Modern fantasy stories, more specifically
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person or hero vs. villain conflict. In Deep Blue (2014), Serafina, the main character, and her fellow heroes swim across the sea to defeat Orfeo and Sera’s uncle from taking over the world. Serafina and the other mermaids are the main characters and the heroes, while Orfeo and Sera’s uncle were the villains. All four books were about Sera and her friends trying to defeat Orfeo and Sera’s uncle. Also in the book Fallen (2009), Lucinda and the angels help to defeat Lucifer and the other evil angels, but they were not demons. Lucinda and the angels are the main characters and the heroes who help stop Lucifer and the other evil angels from starting the world all over again. This is also seen in Percy Jackson (2006). Percy Jackson, the main character, and hero, goes on an adventure to keep Luke, the villain, from taking over Mt. Olympus. The book Throne of Glass (2012) is also an example. Celaena Sardothien, the main character, and kind of a hero, is an assassin who tries to defeat twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors so she can be free. Both books have a hero fighting villains. Heroes are the main characters and give the books a sense of action to draw the reader in so it is not just mythical objects. In Annihilation (2014), a Sci-Fi book, its villain is not a person but a diseased area. This would not fit in the fantasy section since the villain is not a human type…show more content…
person or in other words, a hero vs. villain conflict, and mythical objects and otherworldly settings is what defines fantasy stories from this century. Most people believe that science fiction and fantasy are the same things, but that is not the case. Yes, they can both have made up objects like aliens or unicorns, but science fiction uses science to come up with their objects. Then fantasy makes up their objects with no science or anything behind them. Yet, the purpose of fantasy books from this century is to give the reader an imagination to add vivid colors to their worlds. No one wants to live a dark and gloomy life, so having an imagination, from fantasy books, turns their grey world to an arrangement of

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