Greek God Asclepius Informative Speech

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Today, we will be giving our presentation on the greek god Asclepius. But we thought we 'd take a different approach on getting our information through. We will be telling the story of how Asclepius became to be (slight pause) Asclepius. Our story starts with Apollo, the god of music, and Coronis, a simple mortal. Coronis had been happily married to Apollo and was now pregnant with Asclepius or Vejovis (his roman name). Everything was fine until one faithful day. One day his favorite birds, the crow, flew to Apollo and told him Coronis had fallen in love and married another man. This man 's name was Ischys, a mortal from Harmonia. Now, this part of the story depends on who tells the story. Although we are not certain who killed…show more content…
Not only was all of his enemies whom he had killed previously were now living again, his brother Hades (The king of the underworld) was now complaining of the rareness of new arrivals. "Men could only have life and death," thought Zeus. "It is forbidden to exceed this limit. And besides, if this amount of medical art fell into the wrong hands it could do massive damage." Zeus now knew what he had to do, he had to kill Asclepius. With all of his might, Zeus struck Asclepius dead with only one of his thunderbolts. He was trying to prove there was a profound difference between mortals and gods. However, Zeus was very observant of the great things Asclepius did and turned him into the constellation known as Ophiuchus. The rod of Asclepius is an old symbol that is represented by a serpent looped around a staff. The snake and the staff are supposed to portray some of Asclepius ' many attributes. Although commonly mistaken for the staff of the god Hermes, the caduceus, the symbol has continued to be used in modern times where it 's associated with medicine and health care There are two famous hypotheses based on where the Rod of Asclepius came from and how it became related to medicine. The Worm Theory- The worm theory goes all the way to the Ebers Papyrus (1500 BC) also known as one of the first ancient Egyptian medical documents. It talks about a treatment for
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