Greek Goddess Eris Research Paper

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Greek Goddess - Eris "On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear fruits of victory," once declared Douglas MacArthur. By this being said, it relates to the Greek goddess Eris in a variety of ways. Therefore, Eris is correlated with strife, her family members, an apple, and the Trojan War. The goddess, Eris, plays a major role in Greek mythology. She is the Greek goddess of strife, chaos, and discord. The goddess is from the city of Erebus. Eris's Roman counterpart is Discordia, hence one of her traits. Her Greek opposite is Harmonia, in which she is the goddess of peace, harmony, and concord. Eris lived in the city of Erebus. One symbol that gives recognition to Eris is the Golden Apple of Discord. She has the ability to cause problems in one instant, whether it be friends or family. Eris comes from a confusing but simple line of descent. She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, but some myths say that she had a single mother, Nyx who had her. The goddess Nemesis and the Fates are also said to be Eris's sisters. The goddess is always seen with her brother, Ares, when it comes to battles or wars. So, the brother and sister are said to be the parents of Enyo, who is a minor goddess of war. Furthermore, even though she caused chaos between most people, she definitely had no problem getting along with her family members Most Greek gods and goddesses are known by a specific…show more content…
The Trojan War was led up to the fact that Paris took Helen from her husband, Menelaus. He wanted revenge on Paris, so the Greek gods and warriors of Sparta battled and fought each other for 10 straight years. Eris rode into battle, one of the days, and was intrigued by the bloodshed and slaughter of the Trojan War. The Trojans became victorious in the end and Helen was brought back to Menelaus. Although difficulties arose, the Trojans were determined to win the
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