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The purpose of this project is to inform about the Greek Goddesses and how they affect life today. Greek Goddesses are mythological figures that are still worshiped throughout Greece today. Greek Goddesses all have a major part in explaining how the Greeks believe something came to be. Some of the Greek Goddess are Olympians. The Olympians persist of twelve gods and goddesses. At Mount Olympus, the Olympians helped overthrow the Titans. today, Mount Olympus is home of the Olympians. Greek Goddesses can be found in books, art, and architecture. The famous books by Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey include well-known Greek Goddesses. The Greeks did paint on pottery, but not very often. Art in Greece, were mainly statues. Kouros are statues posing in a natural position. Also, the Greek used athletic poses. The most known Greek statue in an athletic position was Myron’s Disc Thrower,…show more content…
The finest Greek architecture was the Parthenon that was built as a tribute to Athena. Most often, Greek art depicts Greek myths. The early Greek art was statues called kouros. Kouros showed a natural human position. Other sculptures displayed human action,mainly athletics. Myron’s Discus Thrower is a sculpture of Artemis. The Greek painted,but not much of their work remains.In conclusion, I have learned that Greek Goddesses were and still are a central part of Ancient Greece. Today, in many different ways the Greeks worship them. There is art and architecture that was created in their image. The Greek Goddesses are remember for their backgrounds, origins, and different myths that they are part of.
In my opinion,the Greek Goddesses origins are the best I have heard in awhile. The Greeks should keep passing down what they believe in. Some Greeks Goddesses did bigger things than others. Most of their decisions were not right, but now they are remembered for those decisions and greater, bigger, and better

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