Greek Gods And Goddesses Essay

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The documentary Gods and Goddesses covered the beginning of Greek culture and the mythology from the beginning. Greece was a country full of commerce and culture. The faith in what we consider Greek Mythology. Greek mythology predates biblical times and the accounts of the Gods were passed down from storyteller 's generation after generation. The documentary began with Zeus killing his father and bringing his siblings to Mount Olympia and ends with Rome conquering Greece and absorbing the history as their own. Ancient Greece is one of the most interesting 3000 years of history, partly because of the mythology that surrounds the beginnings of Ancient Greece. Their belief in many Gods, explains their history and existence. As The Greek culture…show more content…
The Greeks were Polytheistic. There were many Gods but only twelve chief Gods, Zeus, and his siblings; Christianity is monolithic there is only one God, however, he is represented in three parts of the Trinity. The Greek religion was spread by word of mouth; until the time of Homer, around 750 BC, he wrote down the Myths that had been passed down there is no sacred book; Christianity has The Bible. Greek Myth has no specific church; there were many temples in cities and altars in and around the home that individuals would go to, to pray to the God or Goddess; Christians attend church. Prayer was offered to appease the Gods or goddesses and seek good favor, unlike Christianity where prayer is for peace, guidance, and grace. The Greek religion is not derived from any specific revelation and there is no spiritual teaching. Christianity belief is a Child born of a virgin, and that Jesus was sent to earth to pay the debt of sin for man. The Gods and Goddess were not perfect they, were immortal but they were flawed with human-like desires. Christian belief God is perfection and that humans fall short of perfection because of our free will and desire. In conclusion, the culture of Greece is one of the most interesting portions of world history. One can see the similarities in the religious stories that have been shared throughout history and the differences between that of Greek Mythology and

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