Greek Gods In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem Greek Myths Final At the conclusion of the novel “Anthem”, the author, Ayn Rand gives the reader a name for its protagonists, Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000. The names were of two Greek gods, Prometheus and Gaea, respectively. The author gave them these names because these characters share many similarities and courses of action(s). “Anthem” takes place in a society an archaic future where all forms of individualism are non-existent and everyone serves for the greater “We” which is the entire population. The novel is told through the perspective of a special character by the name of Equality 7-2521. He is special because of the fact that he is much smarter and stronger than his “companions” (whom which is to call his “brothers”). Early on in the novel, Equality finds a tunnel from an era called the “Unmentionable Times” which is representative of today’s society. As…show more content…
She birthed the first race of humans and gods called Titans. To all gods and human alike, she was the supreme goddess. The Titan Prometheus was also a Greek god who was a clever trickster. He stole fire from the workshop of Hephaestus and Athena on Mt. Olympus and gave them to humankind as well as the mastery of metalwork. He was then, punished by Zeus for stealing the fire to give to the…show more content…
The associations between these two fictional characters are very similar. Gaea is the mother of a new race of humans, as Liberty will become. “Let this be your name, my Golden One, for you are to be the mother of a new kinds of gods.”(99) Liberty is to birth a new kind of humans or as Equality says “gods”. She is to be the mother of a new generation “…taught to say ‘I’ and to bear the pride of it.” (100) Liberty, just like Gaea, is to make a new generation of humans that will be above the deprived people in the
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