Greek Gods Vs Roman Gods Essay

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From ancient times different societies have worshiped gods, believing in their power and being afraid of their fury. People have prayed and made sacrifices in order to achieve the gods’ mercy and generosity to the main gods and goddesses of both ancient Greek and Roman societies. While both cultures have difference they also have a lot of similarities that make their cultures appeared alike. There are a lot similarities between the Greeks and Roman gods, Roman religion was based on Greek religion. Greek mythology was founded just about a millennium before the Roman came to be. As time went on the Romans founded their religion to match the Greek religion. Greek and Romans religions are sort of the same because both of them are polytheistic…show more content…
For example the religion of the Romans differed in some respects from that of the Greeks inasmuch as it was emphatically a state religion. It was more of a ritual and a ceremony together. The Greek religion was more about praying the too gods and trusting them to show them the way. The Greeks didn’t believe in rituals and ceremony’s like the Romans did. If anyone has read about the gods they will have noticed the difference in the characters of the gods and goddesses. The gods and goddesses sometimes have similarities to people that believe and pray to them. In ancient Greeks they were polite and creative, and sometime they hold creativity above their physical works like how one does in the mortal and mythical world. Whenever someone reads about the Greek gods they imagine they are dressed in white and light clothing. As for the Romans they wear clothing like they did in the Roman military but just a little different. The Roman did not really pay attention on their physical appearance of the gods and goddesses but the Greeks did. The Greek and Roman gods, do have similarities and differences in both gods of the two societies. Both Greek and Roman religions are a lot because the Roman mythology was based off on the Greeks. As for religions both ancient societies are polytheistic. As for the two the same gods with the same
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