Greek Government Vs Roman Government Essay

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The ancient Rome and ancient Greece Government had some similarities and some differences.Both governments had a specific structure or organization. Each part of their government had specific roles or jobs.The similarities between the two governments were small, but important. We still see some aspects of the governmental structure they both practiced then, in modern times. The Roman Republic had a very distinguished government system. It was one of the first to have a separation of powers. This aspect impacted later governments. Each separation of power means that no person, group,or branch of government has all the power. For example, in ancient Rome they elected two government officials to be in power so that one person couldn’t have all the power. branches of government included the Magistrates. The first part of the ancient Roman government was made of officials elected into office called Magistrates. Magistrates were elected each year but they were not allowed to hold their position indefinitely. The two most powerful magistrates made a section of advisors called the…show more content…
Rome's kings were overthrown, the Senate continued to assist the consuls. alikes and dislikes of the roman and greek government. What civilizations have in common is that they had great leaders in government and let there people vote.Rome and Greece’s government has representatives like we do each citizen was expected to vote for every law. They did have officials to run the government, Rome’s government was allowed two people in power instead of one because if there was only one then he would be too much power and he or she only served for two terms. On the other hand Greece’s government only let one dictator to be their leader and he or she served for two terms. That’s similar today because when a president is elected he serves 2 for terms. What civilizations helped us see that our government is important all around the
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