Greek Heroes Essay

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Both objects and engines of the action, emblems of a society and models of life, heroes have undeniable importance in the epic and the study of their features itself is seen as a key to the understanding if the work. In Greek mythology, a hero is a male, a brave character, who made remarkable achievements and has exercised over people and events great influence. He rose above the mortals by the war with bravery, or performing feats with courage. After his death, a special veneration or worship, were returned to him to commemorate his memory. The world of the epic is a world of men, hence the woman is almost absent: Helen certainly shows the Trojans in love, Epic exalts masculine values of loyalty and courage in battle. The hero are men and…show more content…
A hero is a character who is, usually, from a god and a mortal. He must perform a number of feats that will ultimately change its status. The references to the animal world are common to describe the heroes who are divided into several groups. Some prefer the role of physical strength, while others prefer the reflection. The poet often of the epics identifies the hero to the animal. It must appropriate its qualities and characteristics to be distinguished from humans, but also to be able to face these same animals. The identification of the hero to his opponent pervades the epic, but it does not always reflect positive values. The heroes are compared to fiery lions with all that this entails indomitable violence. In the Iliad, Homer stands sixty-five comparisons with animals while forty are devoted to the lion. He established a hierarchical code heroic values. Many heroes choose to use force. The Odyssey is one of epic that highlights the strength of the hero Ulysses. This quality is often associated with the ability of the latter to withstand the conditions of a long and difficult navigation and enhanced by comparisons between the strength of Ulysses and the weakness of his traveling companions. Ulysses in the Odyssey is seen by its virtues of achieving feats or action in which its strength, superiority and ability are
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