Greek Heroes In Star Wars

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Did you know that it is not completely impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, As nasa researched that it could be possible do to the theory known as warp drive, but lettes not get carried away because that is not what i will be talking about . Instead i will be talking about the difference in characteristics in star war heroes and the traditional greek heroe. IN the movie Star Wars: the force awakens, the characteristics of the characters does not fit the attributes of a greek hero. IN the movie ray and fine saved the galaxy from the first order without a reward. which means their characteristics are different from a greek hero. IN the beginning of the movie when Poe Dameron asks fine “why are you helping me” and fines said “ it’s the right thing to do. this shows that fine is different because greek heroes will never change as long as they think that the bad they are doing is good. An example is Odysseus he…show more content…
In the movie Finn was a soldier working for Snoke the leader of the first order, He fought Kylo Ren without any special abilities given by greek gods with royal descent. This shows that Finn is different because he does not have special abilities on like Hercules who is known to be the strongest mortal even stronger than all the greek gods. The force awakens movie ray earned the ability to use the force, although none of the greek heroes earn it they just simply got it through their royal descent of gods. A proof of this is how in the movie they selflessly defended Takodana from the first order. In the other hand, most greek heroes did not earn their powers, but instead they just got it and they abuse it and did other things considered wrong these days such as raping. Clearly you can see that ray and finn dont have royal descent which makes them different from the greek
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