Greek Heroes: O. J. Simpson Vs. Hercules

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The Greek gods are very impressive and powerful, but are not regarded as heroes. Heroes are those who despite flaws and challenges, attempt to mend theirs and other’s mistakes at great personal expense because they feel that these mistakes are immoral. Hercules, despite killing his family through mad rage sent by Hera, redeems himself through his ability to feel guilt and do something about it. To purify his actions he would even commit suicide. But it is also through the love of his people and immense selflessness that he is made the greatest Greek hero. Topic Sentence: Though in acts of murder, O.J. Simpson and Hercules appear to be similar, but within the aftermath of these atrocious acts is where they show their true difference. O.J.…show more content…
Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, is often called, “the most Greek of all the god” (29) for his beautiful physique and music. Hercules is too the Greek’s hero, because he represents the “classic hero”, with lots of strength, courage and emotion. What isolates Hercules from other Greek heroes is his compulsion to mend what he think to be his mistakes, though are not always his. Since the gods rarely receive punishment for their mistakes, Hercules must suffer at the expense of Hera, though it was her jealousy that truly killed his family. However, Hercules feels it his doing, so he quickly attempts to cleanse himself of his actions, by killing himself; “Shall I spare my own life then?” he said. “I will avenge upon myself these deaths” (223). But because he is humane, Hercules makes his own mistakes, but still attempts to cleanse himself, not matter the personal cost. After getting drunk in a house of mourning, Hercules prepares his blunder by venturing to the underworld to retrieve the dead wife. Though he could have simply apologized to the host, Hercules makes such a courageous gesture that shows he truly selfless. According to Greek myth, Hercules and other men were taught to make amends by Apollo, the Healing god. Even though Hercules is not flawless like Apollo, his incredible selflessness is what truly separates Hercules from other
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