Greek Heroes: The Five Ancient Greek Gods

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These five Ancient Greek heroes are in the most difficult situations to be protector and the Gods who protects their people and defects their opponents. Also, these heros joined an expedition to be a warrior. Greek heroes were an important part of everyday life. They gave a meaning to the world people saw them. This is because the mythology of the ancient Greeks included deities, demigods, and monsters. These figures stretched beyond the Greek landscape to the palace Mount Olympics, as well as the underworld. Greek mythology’s stories became known throughout the world. God rewarded honorable behavior and obedience and people who dishonoured themselves had to be punished.

Greek mythology is the body of myths concerned our God and heroes, the
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Hercules story is more like good things happen to bad people because at the end he was rewarded for being a troublemaker. Hercules murdered his own children cause by goddess Hera. After Hercules killed his own children, he did not feel guilty, he he called it pride. He was punished by carrying out twelve hours such as, cleaning, capturing mares, taking the belt of queen, stealing stolen apples, and chaining Cerberus. Hercules went to the world of the dead top work labor hours. Because he was so used to taking care of Cerberus, he thought to himself why not defeat other Beast if I can handle going to the underworld and babysitting Cerberus. He defeated monsters and anybody who would want to defeat him, they would obviously die. Hercules had it a trick that always work too kill his Enemy by lifting them up from the ground and crush the bodies. Terrible things happened to him because of Hera’s hatred, and his moral victory beyond simple strength. Romans value him highly as he best fit their idea of a hero and worshipped him as a…show more content…
Theseus lifted the rock and began his journey. When Theseus arrived at Athens, Mede, and his wife of Aegeus tried to kill him. Aegeus recognized the sword and sandals, saved Theseus, and exiled Medea. His most famous exploit was against the Minotaur of King Minos of Crete. He promised his father that if he were successful in killing the Minotaur he would on his return voyage replace his ship's black sails with white ones. Ariadne fell in love with Theseus and gave him a magic ball of thread. He journeyed to the land of the Amazons, where he abducted Antiope and a Amazon army invaded Athens, but Theseus defeated it. People claimed that Theseus killed Antiope when she objected to his marriage to Phaedra. Theseus was imprisoned in Hades until Hercules rescued him. He sailed away and came to rest at Skyros, where he was murdered by King
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