Greek Hospitality In Odysseus

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Ancient Greek culture highly valued hospitality. To begin with, Ancient Greeks treated their guests with respect and kindness. In Neil Dolan’s the article, “Phaeacian Hospitality for Odysseus,” he states that, ”the relationship between guest and host was a matter of greatest importance in the culture.” The author’s words do a good job at creating an underlying meaning of what Greek Hospitality is. Ancient Greeks understand that when they treat a guest with respect the guest will give them more respect in return. In addition, when Odysseus was staying on the island of the Phaeacians,”He (Odysseus) is treated courteously and generously”(Dolan). This tells some of the characteristics of Greek Hospitality that are very important when it comes to…show more content…
Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, tells all the suitor that it is time to quit the games and sit down for supper,”At this reminder/ they all broke up their games, and trailed away/ into the gracious, timbered hall. There, first/ they dropped their cloaks on chairs; then came their ritual:/putting great rams and fat goats to the knife-”(XVII.223-227.). All the suitors that have been living in Odysseus home for many years, all act as if they have made it their new home. Greek hospitality is important because if not, all these men would not feel as if Ithaca was their home, let alone act so natural in someone else's house. Odysseus is disguised as a beggar in his own house, and Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, tells her maids what to do for him, ”Maids, maids, come was him, make a bed for him,/bedstead and colored rugs and coverlets/ to let him lie warm into the gold of Dawn”(XIX.375-376.). Penelope does not know the beggar, yet she is still willing to give him a place to stay just because he might have some information on the whereabouts of Odysseus. Overall in the Odyssey, Ancient Greek Hospitality was clearly a significant part of their life, and good hospitality was described throughout the
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