Greek Independence Essay

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With fall of Constantinople in 1453 came the fall of a great empire that soon lost basic political rights under the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Greece after being conquered by the Turkish. The Greek War of Independence reestablished Greece as a singular entity without the oppression of the Ottoman Empire. Much like the nationalism that had been all over Europe the Greeks had a powerful sense of pride in their cultural values and religion; this was called Hellenism. Throughout centuries, the Greeks had attempted several times to gain independence from the Ottoman Empire since their conquer. In 1821, the war for Greek Independence had finally begun. After 8 years of fighting against the Turkish oppressors; the Greeks in 1832 finally gain…show more content…
Most Greeks were called Rayah by the Turks, a name that referred to the large mass of non-Muslim subjects under the Ottoman ruling class. Most of the Greek intellectuals and humanists, who had migrated west before or during the Ottoman invasions to avoid Ottoman Empire rule. Some of these people were Demetrios Chalkokondyles and Leonardos Philaras, they had begun to call for the liberation of their homeland. Demetrius Chalcondyles had called on Venice and "all of the Latins" to help aid the Greeks against "the abominable, monstrous, and impious barbarian Turks". However, Greece was still to remain under Ottoman rule. Like most independence movements; “The Greek Independence Movement” was not an isolated event; numerous failed attempts at regaining independence took place throughout the history of the Ottoman’s rule of Greece. Throughout the 17th century there was great resistance to the Ottomans in the Morea and elsewhere, as evidenced by revolts led by Dionysius the Philosopher. After the “Morean War”, the Peloponnese came under “Venetian” rule for 30 years, and remained in distress from then and throughout the 17th century, bands of “klephts” multiplied. The “Klephts” were a band of bandits that were praised by the common Greek people due to the
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