Greek Influence On The Military

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Lack of Influence

Simply imagine 20,000 men aged 20-60, armed with nothing but a short sword, 10-foot spear, and shield. Those men will soon either kill or be killed. They fight for their honor alone; Military was important in Ancient Greece, and continues to be today. While Ancient Greeks had the best military of the time, it had no influence on the military of today in strategy, weapons or the legends.

The ancient Greeks had an incredibly strong military strategy; the phalanx is still talked about today. The legendary Phalanx would consist of Greek infantry, called hoplites, carrying spears, all protecting each other and present a wall of shields and spear points towards their enemies (Greek Warriors, 2011). This made the Phalanx virtually indestructible, and started the notion of fighting for your brother and the man next to you. It was one of the major players in the role of Greek expansion and military strategy. The first three rows of the Phalanx were able to stab at opponents with their spears the protruded from behind the shields, while the back braced the front and prevented
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The US military is incredibly complex, with 24 ranks in the infantry alone, and are very well known for discipline and organization (Dolan; Clarke 2012). Obviously the US military is much more complex and advanced than the Greeks. Modern Military works as one, as a well-organized, effective, and disciplined team. Working as a team means that they can get more done in a shorter amount of time with less resources. It is taking the best of everyone, and combining it to form a majorly effective strategy. Today killing ISIS is normal and in ancient Greece, the status quo was against Persians, and the tools are incredibly

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