Greek Influence On The Odyssey

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A long long long time ago, men lived in caves. Their life was very difficult since they lived like animals. However, something that differentiated them from the rest of the animals was their intelligence. Thanks this intelligence with the passing of the years men created the firsts civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Meso-America. Later, new civilizations were created. One of the most important was Greece. Greece is an important place since in that country great poets, authors and philosophers were born. One of the most outstanding authors of the time was Homer, who was the author of Odyssey, an epic history that everyone should read. Also Athens, capital of Greece was the birthplace of the famous statesman Cleisthenes who was the person to implement the first democratic reforms, laws that still we use today. As mentioned before, great philosophers, people who had a lot of free time to think were born in Greece. Some of them were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Socrates stood out for his crazy ideas ahead…show more content…
Like the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God in the year 1 which established a before and after in space time of our world. That’s why we say B.C and A.C (before Christ, and after Christ). Jesus died in the year 33 by the Romans. The Romans crucified him, which means that he died on a wooden cross. Just as Jesus was crucified, the Roman Empire punished those who practiced Christianity, the religion about the word of God and the teachings of Jesus. The Romans did this because they didn’t want other religion in their empire. However, in the year 313 A.C Roman Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity. Therefore, all the people in Rome converted to Christianity. 63 years after, the new Roman Emperor Theodosius proclaims Christianity the official religion in Rome. Christianity became so popular that the Bible, the book that contains the word of God was traduced to Latin in order to spread the
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