Greek Life Benefit Analysis

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Everything in life has its pros and cons, but there’s a reason why Greek Life still remains on so many college campuses around the world. Although to some, it’s the gateway to the party scene, Greek life is much more deeper. Stephanie Henry, sophomore at Michigan State University (MSU), is an active member in Delta Gamma-Beta Xi Chapter. Not only is she an active member, but she is also Vice President of Programming and in charge of planning out the entire schedule for the chapter and all the sisterhood events (S. Henry, personal communications, August 4, 2015). As a member of Delta Gamma you are required to complete five hours of service of sight related work. Delta Gamma’s main philanthropy is service for sight. They focus on helping and supporting the blind and elders. This past year, Henry volunteered at the school for the blind to meet her five hours. Along with the sight work, members are also required to complete four…show more content…
“I joined because my older sister was already a member of Delta Gamma and I saw how much she enjoyed being a part of a sorority. I liked the idea of living in the house and getting to meet tons of new women with the same morals and values as myself” (S. Henry, personal communications, August 4, 2015). Although some of the chapters find themselves in a competition to be the best sorority, it usually makes each sorority want to do bigger and better things. According to Henry, the best part about Greek life is the fact that everyone supports everyone and everyone is there to help others. Many of the members overpay their due by completing more services hours than necessary. “As Delta Gamma’s we are required to go to at least a few fundraisers for other Greek life members but honestly the women in my chapter go to many many other sorority and fraternity events” (S. Henry, personal communications, August 4, 2015). Sorority members of Delta Gamma go above and behind to be involved as well as help out
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