Greek Life In College Essay

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From the moment they step onto their college campuses for freshman orientation, undergraduate students are encouraged to get involved and make the most of their college experience. Joining Greek life by way of social sororities and social fraternities is a well-known way for undergrads to do this both on their college campuses and within the community. Despite the opportunities that these organizations offer, some colleges and universities are considering whether or not to continue offering their students the opportunity to join such Greek organizations on their campuses due to many recent incidents within the last decade.
The New Jersey Institute of Technology has shared statistics on members of fraternities and sororities on their website such as there being 9 million Greeks nationally, 43 of the nation’s 50 largest corporations being headed by fraternity men, along with 85% of Fortune 500 executives and 40 of the 47 U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910 and that over 70% of Greeks graduate while under 50% of non-Greek students graduate, among other
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Common potential adverse effects to students joining Greek life are the negative impact to academics, poor decision making and the liability that Greek students could pose to their respective institutions while some potential positive impacts are actually higher academic performance, more well-rounded student identity development and higher retention and graduation
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