Greek Mythology: Apollo One Of The Greek Gods

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Greek Mythology is hidden in aspects of everyday life. It surrounds us, sometimes we are able to see it, sometimes it remains invisible. In this article I am going to talk about the connection of Apollo one of the 12 main gods and see how he is connected from the legends to present day life. In Greek Mythology it talks of a powerful god named Apollo. In the article it states that “Apollo’s skill and determination were evident at a very early age.” He was the god of light, music, prophecy, truth,ect. In the legends Apollo, the son of “Zeus and Leto,” battled a huge python. It is said the Apollo killed the beast with only two shots from his bow and arrow. The people of the town were overjoyed that they were finally rid of the beast. Apollo lived with the honor and victory that came from that day his whole life. But one day he got coky. “He made fun of Eros,( who we know as cupid), saying he had no archery skills and was too small to have much significance. Cupid was furious. He struck Apollo with an arrow right in the heart causing him to fall hopelessly in love with a nymph. To torture Apollo he struck the…show more content…
Apollo was not known for just one or two things like many of the other gods were. His talents covered a wide range of things. He was the god of music, light, prophecy, archery, sun, healing, truth, and many more that I could go on and on. So having all these talents it wouldn’t be hard to name your company after. Take for example Apollo theatre, they decided to go with how he was the god of good times and music something that you would want to have at your theatre to draw people in. Same with Apollo heating and Air conditioning and the Apollo Space program at Nasa. They went with the fant that he is most known for being the god of heat and sun. In conclusion Apollo is just one example of greek mythology and how it is present in everyday

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