Greek Mythology: Athena, A Goddess Of War

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Athena is a goddess of war. She is the representation of goddess in Greek Mythology . That 's because she invents many tools such as weeding hoe, tank, ship, flute and pot. Since people use these tools widely, so many people follow the Athena and give many sacrifices to her. The goddess Athena has many interesting stories. The first story is related to Athens. Maybe most of people heard about Athens which is the capital city of Greece. This city 's name is related to Athena. Athens ' name has interesting story.

One day, Athena and Poseidon are interested in Cecropia. So, twelve gods and goddesses have different opinions about whether Cecropia should belong to Athena or Poseidon. According to the conference, they agree that
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The first story is about a golden apple. When a god and goddess ' wedding is held, the goddess of envy is not invited. So she gets angry about that. She throws a golden apple and runs away from the wedding feast. When the other goddesses watch it, they all want to take the golden apple. After watching this, Zeus adjudges about the golden apple. After Zeus first gives the golden apple to Paris, the prince of Troy, he proclaims Paris will determine who is the owner of the apple. Following Zeus’s judgement, the three goddesses persuade him in the different methods. Hera promises the power to control over the world to him. Athena promises wisdom to him. And finally, Aphrodite promises the most beautiful wife to Paris. Among their suggestions, the Paris chooses the Aphrodite’s and gives the golden apple to her. Interestingly, this golden apple trrigers Troy War. Paris chooses Helena as his wife. The problem is Helena already has husband. That is, Paris takes away Helena from her husband, Menelaos. Menelaos is very angry about it, so he tells everything to his elder brother Agamemnon, the king of greece. Agamemnon leads the greek army…show more content…

The most of people know the Hera is the first wife of Zeus. She is called the patron of marriage and childbirth. In the greek mythology, the most powerful goddess is Hera and she is always busy because of the Zeus, who is a famous flirt. When Zeus goes to the human 's world, he always plays with human females. Whenever Hera sees those scenes she gives punishment to the human females. The most people want to know why Hera married Zeus. For this marriage, Zeus devoted himself to acquring love from Hera. Before Zeus married Hera, he always followed Hera. However, Hera kept refusing Zeus 's supplication because Hera also knew Zeus was such a flirt. Accordingly, Zeus made a stratagem. One day, Zeus transformed to a swan and swam on a lake. When Hera saw the swan, she went to the lake and hugged it. At that moment, Zeus turned into his original figure. Eventually, Hera accepted Zeus 's tenacious proposal. However, after the wedding, Zeus never stopped cheating with other females. Interestingly, even though Hera was the patron of marriage and childbirth, she could not cover her jealousy. Her jealousy will make
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