Greek Mythology: Daedalus And Icarus

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“Greek mythology,” is the teachings and myths belonging to ancient Greek. Greek is the gods and heroes of their own cultural and rituals. Mythology is known as Greek literature and represents visual media. Greek mythology is based on a collection of narratives and Greeks that are representing art. Greek myth explains the origins of the world and details of the lives and adventures of gods, heroes, mythological creatures, and goddesses. Not to mention Greek mythology, Daedalus and Icarus is two known creatures. Daedalus and Icarus was a fascinating greet myth inconsistence of historical and mystical details. Daedalus and Icarus is a tragedy, while Minos being infuriated the betrayal and imprisoned. Greek mythology represents the leading death…show more content…
Daedalus had a son named Icarus by Naucrate, a mistress-slave of the King. Icarus was also one of the King servants. The Lybrinth was to imprison the dreaded Minotaur. The Minotaur is a monster. He was known to be the son of Pasiphae. Minotaur fed on humans. Since King Minos was upset he locked Daedalus and Icarus in the Lybrinth because they killed the monster. Ariadne fell in love with Theseus when he arrived to the Crete. Daedalus came up with an idea to escape from the Lybrinth with Icarus from the Crete After he realized they can 't come out the maze on foot. The realization that shores of Crete was guarded the only thing left would be air. Daedalus constructed wings and started flying them safely. The wings were built with feathers and wax. Before him and Icarus took off he gave Icarus a big warning, not to fly too low to let his wings touch the waves and get wet, and not too high the sun will melt he wax. He taught Icarus how to fly so he would not get destroyed. Icarus was so overwhelmed by the thrill of flying, he didn 't listen and address his father 's warning. He was carried away by the freedom. Icarus flew too close to the sun his wax begins to melt and he fell into the deep blue sea and drowned. Icarus body was carried by the shore. When men fly they intend to catch a lot of heat. If he flew to low and been able to complete his journey of lived the rest of his days living in…show more content…
Conclusion, Daedalus is devastated by his son’s death he still mourns for Icarus. He still has continued doing his own thing. Although, Icarus did not get to from manhood to adulthood. The myth of Daedalus and Icarus is very relevant. The power between Daedalus is on his son Icarus. Myths reflected the truth, danger, and the fatal throughout their eyes. Daedalus became clever. Myths produced a relevant own understanding relevant own understanding in real life. There was no solution to Icarus dilemma. Daedalus was trapped and frustrated by his fantasies of unbounded power. Daedalus showed him how to become s man. A young man must have capacity to contain power. Daedalus provided encouragement, but limited advice. The sun represents the laws of nature. Gravity represents the imprisonment resulting forever trapped in the past. Accordingly, Daedalus must look past his son’s death and move on to a new beginning for
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