Greek Mythology: Demeter And Dionysus

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There are 12 Olympians total in Greek Mythology, there were two great Gods of Earth named Demeter and Dionysus. They are both known for their human like emotions. Demeter the Goddess of agriculture and motherly love, “They could best understand her, too, who was worshipped, not like other gods by the bloody sacrifices men liked, but in every humble act that made the farm fruitful. Through her the field of grain was hallowed. “Demeter’s holy grain.”’ (Hamilton 52). Demeter’s worship pings are very sacred and personal, “The great festival, in September, came only every five years, but it lasted for nine days. They were most sacred days, when much of the ordinary business life was suspended.” (Hamilton 52-53). She was very old and natural. Ceremonies

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