Greek Mythology: The Character Of Hercules

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Hercules was the strongest mortal. Even stronger than many gods. But, his lack of intelligence definitely had a big impact on hercules reputation. Hercules was also emotionally unstable. “Once, when the temperature was very high, he pulled his bow out and threatened to shoot at the sun.” ( “” 1). But, besides him having anger issues and being emotionally unstable hercules was one of the best known heroes in greek mythology. He also didn’t live a easy life. He faced many challenges in trials and many dangerous tasks. But, they were all worth it because after completing these tasks he was promised a wonderful life living among the gods. But, for us to examine Hercules we must learn about his family, his power, his looks, and his symbolism.
Hercules had a very complicated family. Hercules
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He was incredibly courageous as well. Also since he was the strongest man on earth there was no doubt that he was extremely confident. He would fight anyone because he knew that eventually he would win no matter what. The only way someone was to beat Hercules was if they were using magic or supernatural forces. Hercules was also very tall, and had very broad shoulders. He also supposedly had curly hair and a big beard. “Hercules was celebrated and worshipped for his qualities and lineage.” ("Manual of Mythology": Alexander S. Murray. 1).
Hercules had many different things to symbolize him and his strength. Knot of Hercules. The knot symbolized the legendary fertility of the God Hercules. Also how he was very “Handsome, well-built, vigorous young but not boyish man, often bearded.” (“Fast Facts on: Hercules”; 1) Also how he was encre bibally brave, strong, and determined. If Hercules wanted something he would set his mind to it and work at it until he accomplishes it. A lion skin is also a very big symbolism of Hercules. Everytime he conquered and delivered the Nemean Lion (a monstrous feline ravaging the

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