Greek Mythology: The Role Of The Greek Gods

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The religion in the Ancient Greek was polytheistic, in other words, Greeks believed in many Gods. The Greek Gods, were very important for the people who lived in the ancient Greek. The Gods were like humans, they behaved like humans and their body and face were also exactly like a person. The Gods get married, had children, they were good or bad, and lived on Mount Olympus. There was one God that was the most important: Zeus, who was the Supreme Ruler of the Gods, he was also the lord of the sky and the god of the rain. His wife was Hera, and she protected married women and their households. Zeus had two brothers, the first Poseidon, who was the God of the sea; Zeus other brother, Hades did not live on Mount Olympus, and he ruled and lived in the underworld.…show more content…
The stories of the Gods are part of the Greek Mythology. Gods were very important, because people called them for help in particular situations. For example, Hera for weddings, Aphrodite for love and beauty, Asclepius for healing (he was the god of medicine), Ares during wars and Zeus for justice. People also looked for signs from their Gods, including predictions for what will happen in the future. The religion and the Gods of the Ancient Greek are one of the most important aspect of the community. It is considered a fundamental part of life for the inhabitants of ancient Greek. That is why, the Greeks honored their Gods with public and private rituals, in special places such as sacred sites and temples. The Mount Olympus was an important sacred site, because it was the home of the major Gods. Another sacred site was Delphi, where was the holy temple of Apollo (Delphic oracle). The Sounion Temple was for Poseidon, and had a beautiful view of the water and the Parthenon was the Temple of
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