Greek Mythology: Zeus, Hades, And Poseidon

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Greek Mythology As we all know there are stories known as Mythology. Mythology is a set of stories,traditions,or beliefs associated with a particular group or the history of events,or rise of natural events deliberately fostered. Myths play a major role in the Greeks culture. Here are a few I am going to explain today, my main gods, I studied the three brothers Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. My objective is to demonstrate how life was back then for the Olympians. It all starts out when the mother of the three gods marries a guy named Cronus. His ambition was to eat every single kid born to his wife. Somehow Zeus fought his way and made it out alive without being killed by his wicked father. Though Zeus knew his father was stronger than him,…show more content…
He possesses the power to restrict lightning and in the Roman his name is Jupiter. Zeus is the most powerful god, compared to his brothers. He is the ruler for the Greeks as compared to Jesus for us. He is also a grandfather to so many grandkids since he married his sisters and had an abundance of girlfriends. He could kill in a flash because everyone on mount Olympus must listen to him since he is the ruler. Not just the fact Zeus is a ruler he is loyal to all his subjects and people who don't do many sins in life. Hades is the most wicked warrior and the downside for the gods. He possesses great darkness. He is the ruler of the underworld. Hades is powerful compared to all the demigods. He is the killer for the planet and controls death for everyone on planet earth. His Roman name is Pluto they say this because he is such cold hearted god.Hades can trick people with fascination,I say this because he stole the master bolt of Zeus but blames it on Poseidon so he can vanquish. P.s(lying is bad) Poseidon is a thoughtful and trustworthy god. His powers rely on the sea because he is the ruler of water. Poseidon is the most intelligent of all the three brothers. The ruler for this god of the Roman empire would be Neptune and his symbol is a three pointed
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